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For collectors of rare and antique automobiles, finding suitable long-term storage is crucial to preserving these valuable pieces of history. Storing a classic car at home often poses issues like inadequate shelter, unpredictable weather fluctuations, and difficulties properly maintaining the vehicle while in storage. Self-storage facilities offer collectors the ideal controlled environment and security measures to protect antique cars for generations to come.

Choosing the Right Facility

When searching for a facility, consider those with large drive-up storage units with high ceilings tall enough to accommodate even the largest classic vehicles. Carefully inspect the security features like exterior cameras, exterior lighting around the perimeter, and secure fencing around the property. It’s also a good idea to tour the facility and check the climate control systems to ensure they maintain a consistent temperature between 60-75°F and humidity around 50%. This prevents corrosion issues. 

Prep Work Before the Move

Before relocating a classic ride that could be worth tens of thousands, ensure it’s fully serviced with fresh fluids, new filters, and working brake systems. Also, winterize if moving the vehicle between seasons by draining water-based systems. Thoroughly inspect all seals, hoses, and emergency systems like lights to check for integrity. Remove or properly secure any loose accessories, owner’s manuals, or spare parts that could shift during transport. Create an extensive inventory list paired with high-quality photographs documenting every angle, panel, and component of the vehicle’s condition. This establishes a clear record of the car’s state upon entering storage for insurance purposes down the line.

Setting Up the Storage Unit

When the unit is ready, protective measures start with using tarps, cloths or custom-fitted covers to shield surfaces from dust accumulation and potential leaks or dripping that occurs inside storage units. Check tires every few months and maintain proper PSI to avoid flat-spotting on the tires from sitting stationary over long periods. Consider adding fuel stabilizer to gasoline engines if they won’t be started periodically in storage to prevent gumming. Remove the battery if it will sit without a charger for over six months.

Environmental Controls

Self-storage facilities are equipped with monitoring systems that actively regulate temperature and humidity levels. Controlling humidity around 50% is critical, as fluctuations can cause corrosion of metal components over time. Dehumidifiers may also be installed to combat moisture issues. This stable climate is far superior for long-term vehicle storage compared to household alternatives like garages or carports that can experience significant temperature and moisture swings from changing weather conditions.

Maintenance While Stored

Set maintenance reminders like fluid checks every 6 months and occasional short startups, especially if storing more than one year. Wash and wax the exterior annually to maintain appearance and seal the clear coat. These minimal steps preserve condition without constant attention.

It’s also important to perform brief underhood and interior inspections every 6-12 months. Check hoses, belts and lines for cracks or deterioration which is more likely given the age of antique vehicles. This helps catch issues before failures occur, protecting your investment. Light, periodic maintenance a couple times per year goes a long way in preventative care for vehicles stored for multiple years.

To Conclude

Preserving antique vehicles through proper long-term storage is essential for collectors and history enthusiasts. Self-storage facilities provide an ideal climate-controlled environment that far surpasses alternative storage options at home. With diligent preparation upfront and minimal regular maintenance checks, collectors can ensure their automotive treasure will remain in excellent condition for many years to come while stored safely and securely. By following the best practices outlined here, collectors can help guarantee antique cars are cherished by generations to come. Choosing a reputable storage facility is the optimal choice to assist in preserving automotive history.

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