7 Essential Self-Storage Tips for a Smooth Move

Planning on moving? A self-storage unit will help you keep your belongings somewhere safe until you need them, and the following tips will make your next move easier:

1. Label Everything!

Unless you label all of your boxes, it will be difficult to remember what is packed and where. Label every box and write what is inside on the outside of the box to make unpacking easier. This will also make it easier for you to find the boxes you need right away after your belongings have been moved into the storage unit. You won’t have to open multiple boxes and will be able to find specific items quickly.

2. Use Quality Packing Supplies

It is a must that you pack your items correctly using quality boxes and packing tape. You may need bubble wrap and furniture pads, or even sturdy plastic bins. Be extra careful with breakable items, and pack any valuables and fragile items with care.

3. Make A Plan When Packing Your Storage Unit

You cannot just throw boxes into your unit because you will need a path to access your items. Always store lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes and make sure everything is stable. When making your plan, consider what you will need right away from your unit and make sure these boxes are easy to reach.

4. Store Things The Right Way

Furniture should be disassembled and wrapped in blankets and furniture pads to prevent scratches. Clothing should be kept on hangers to protect them from dust and wrinkles. Breakable items should be packed individually in paper and bubble wrap, and always write “fragile” on these boxes to handle these items with care.

5. Make An Inventory List

This list must detail which items you have placed in your self-storage unit. Yes, it’s a tedious task, but you will be glad you took this step because you will know for sure what you have taken and what you have put away once your move is complete. Additionally, this list will make it easier to locate your belongings.

6. Be Mindful Of What You Store

Self-storage units are very convenient when planning a move, and while you will be able to place most of your belongings in your unit, there are certain items you should leave out. Anything perishable, flammable or combustible should not be stored, nor should wet or scented goods like candles or perfumes. Do not pack away food items that will go bad or plants, and it’s also not recommended that you store valuables like jewelry in a self-storage unit.

7. Purchase A Good Lock

This is a smart investment because a quality lock will keep your belongings safe. Most self-storage facilities have on-site security and surveillance cameras, but a lock will provide you with additional security, and you will rest easy knowing your belongings are safe.


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