Renting a storage unit can provide convenient extra space when you are tight on room at home or in your business. However, simply stashing items in a cluttered, disorganized way can lead to wasted space and make it frustratingly hard to find things later. Utilizing some key organization and maximization tips will help you optimize your storage unit so you can store more belongings neatly and access them easily when needed. 

Follow these suggestions to keep your unit tidy and make the most of the available square footage.

Categorize and Group Like Items

The first fundamental step in organizing a storage unit is to categorize all the items you plan to put in storage and group like items together. Designate areas or containers for certain categories like holiday décor, camping/sports gear, paperwork, furniture, out-of-season clothing, etc. Labeling and numbering shelves and bins provides quick visual cues to identify categories when storing and retrieving later. Create a detailed index that lists what specific items are stored in each container and area so you can consult it to find things quickly. Keeping similar items neatly grouped into categories makes your unit far more organized.

Utilize All Vertical Space

Don’t just set items on the floor. Install sturdy shelving units, racks, hooks, wall grids, and bins to take advantage of all the vertical space from floor to ceiling. Stacking and shelving goods maximizes cubic storage capacity compared to spreading things out on the floor. Reinforce walls as needed to support heavy shelving and items. Take measurements first to select storage systems that optimize fit in your unit. Also be sure to leave enough space for aisles so you can easily access the items. Going vertical with shelves, racks, hooks and stackable bins can double or triple your storage capability.

Pack Items Efficiently

Use efficient space-saving packing tactics before putting items into storage. Flatten bulky cardboard boxes and wrap furniture in blankets to reduce volume. Vacuum seal off-season clothing into uniform bundles. Pack goods neatly into same-sized plastic bins without wasted space. Place heavier items in smaller boxes to avoid overload. Eliminating excess void space through intentional packing avoids wasting cubic feet.

Adjust Storage as Needs Change

Periodically re-evaluate the contents and layout of your storage unit. If you find certain items aren’t being accessed often, move them to less convenient back areas of the unit. Shift frequently used items to prime easy-access spaces. As your storage needs evolve over time, keep adjusting the organizational scheme to best accommodate how you actually use the contents. Adaptability preserves optimized space.

To Summarize

Taking time to properly organize your belongings and maximize vertical storage space keeps a self storage unit tidy and optimized. Sorting like items, shelving upwards, packing efficiently, adjusting the layout over time and maintaining proper storage conditions allows you to utilize every cubic foot. With a bit of strategy, you can prevent a disorganized mess in your unit and quickly find needed items. Use these key principles to keep your storage unit clutter-free, well-organized and optimized as needs change.

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