shipping containers for storage containers

Shipping containers are very useful and are now being used in many self-storage facilities because of the benefits they provide. Their design, construction and size make shipping containers ideal for storage purposes, and because they can be stacked, they make for the perfect shipping units.

More Than Shipping:

Shipping containers are specifically designed to be stacked and can withstand moisture and extreme weather conditions. Once they are no longer needed to transport cargo across the world on vast and unpredictable oceans, shipping containers can be used as storage units and are even being used as portable homes, offices, workshops and even pools!

Shipping containers can be used for more than just shipping cargo across the globe, and their ability to transform is making them more and more popular among consumers.

Shipping containers make for great self-storage units, and here are the reasons why:

1. Waterproof, Durable and Tough

Shipping containers have a tight seal because of the rubber gaskets that run along both sides of the container doors. This makes them waterproof, durable and tough, and shipping containers will not have any trouble dealing with our Canadian climate.

2. Portable

Shipping containers can be moved, which makes them very convenient for mobile storage.

3. Self-Enclosed

This means shipping containers are not connected to any other container, and customers will have total privacy when accessing their units. This will also prevent rodent and bug infestations that some storage facilities experience.

4. Safe & Secure

Your contents will remain secure while placed in shipping containers and contain a steel lock box which will make it impossible for bolt cutters to access and cut your lock. Your belongings will remain safe and secure at all times.

5. Easily Accessible

You will be able to drive up to your unit, which is a unique feature only shipping containers can provide. You may be able to park at the door of your storage container and can quickly move or access your items which makes the process very convenient.

6. Perfect for Storing Recreational Equipment

If you need to store cars, boats or ATVs, a shipping container is the perfect solution, as these items can be driven straight into your container and sealed to keep them protected.


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